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Sheet Happens Practice Tissue Papers

Sheet Happens Practice Tissue Papers

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Sheet Happens

Introducing  "Sheet Happens- Practice Papers." The unrealistic goal for "perfection" is a journey, especially when it comes to honing our decoupaging skills. Our "Sheet Happens-Practice Tissue Papers" is a testament to embracing the learning process.

Sometimes, prints don't align perfectly due to printer quirks, ink levels, or paper wrinkles, and occasionally they might be cut a touch off-size.

Rather than discarding these prints, we're offering them to you as an resource to refine your decoupaging craftsmanship, layering skills, practicing something you've wanted to do without the added expense of trial and error, or merely as a means of creative expression at a discount.

Each "Sheet Happens" practice paper carries its own distinctive character, or "flaw" as some would say, offering you a canvas to practice and experiment without the pressure of being flawless. Some may have a print wrinkle, or an ink bleed line, while some were simply cut the wrong size. These sheets are marked at a varying discounted prices accordingly.

Embrace the creative journey with "Sheet Happens" and elevate your decoupaging skills while celebrating the art of embracing imperfections. I should actually charge more for these because the "flaws" make them one of a kind and no 2 flaws are alike ;-)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tracy W
Great products

Recently received the 4 practice sheets I ordered and they had no visible flaws! Love them! Thanks so much!

Bernadette Ontiveros
Sheet happens review

Ok these papers are pretty amazing! I was looking at all of it and i don’t see or notice anything wrong at all! I would definitely consider ordering more of these just because they’re nice to have in hand and the price you can’t beat!

Debbie Lackey

Great finished a cute piece today love it