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Watch as CrysDawna from Bella Renovare Applies Whimsykel Paper with a Brush, Topcoat & Saran Wrap


Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. If you add items to your cart and proceed to checkout, you can see how much shipping will cost before committing to the purchase.

How Do You Apply Decoupage Paper?

We recommend applying either Mod-Podge or non-yellowing Top Coat/Varnish in about a 2 inch strip. Using a wad of Saran Wrap, a felt brayer or your fingers, begin gently pressing from the center to the edges making sure to remove any air bubbles. Continue applying in small sections pushing the bubbles out towards the edges. Remember the harder you press or the more you work the paper the more likely you are to tear it. Repeat the process until the entire piece is adhered to your project. Let dry and then seal and paint as desired.

What's The Difference Between Rice Paper and Tissue Paper?

Rice paper comes in various weights, is made from rice fibers and is more opaque and stronger than tissue paper. Tissue paper is typically 18 lb paper, more translucent and is a fraction of the cost of rice papers.

How Do You Create Your Digital Art?

My creative process starts with an AI software that generates several images. When one of these images aligns with my vision, I dive into the editing process. This involves adding layers, textures, and making alterations to refine the design to my vision. I refer to it as "Digital Art" rather than "AI Art" because I modify and enhance the AI-generated artwork to achieve the specific outcome I desire.

Can You Turn My Photos Into Decoupage Paper?

We do not offer that option but our printing partner does. Please check out the custom option here I do not receive compensation for referring PBJ Art Prints, I simply believe they offer fantastic products and are great to work with.

Will You Do Custom Designs?

We're ready to explore a personalized design collaboration. Feel free to reach out to to initiate a conversation about your creative ideas.