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Discover a world of artistic wonder, where fun, quirkiness, and limitless imagination converge. We are passionate about inspiring furniture & canvas artist, DIYers and small business owners to find their creative flow and embrace the beauty of self-expressive art.

Why Whimsykel Designs?:

We value you and your creative spirit, offering responsive customer support and encouragement as you embark on a journey of discovery with our digital art designs. We hope you’ll find our Facebook group a place to showcase your vision and connect with other art and decoupage paper enthusiasts.

Join Our Creative Community:

Connect with like-minded souls, showcase your creations, and draw inspiration from others. Explore your potential, find your style, and express your creativity. Experience a supportive and uplifting network that celebrates the uniqueness of each artist. Whimsykel Designs Facebook Group

Unleash Your Imagination:

At Whimsykel Designs, your only limitation is your imagination. Let's make the world a more beautiful place, one creation at a time. Join us and experience the joy of bringing your visions to life. Together, let’s craft a world of boundless beauty and endless inspiration.

Are you ready to create with Whimsykel Designs? Let the magic begin!