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Butterfly Wishes Decoupage Tissue Paper 30x20

Butterfly Wishes Decoupage Tissue Paper 30x20

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Butterfly Wishes are gentle, fleeting dreams that take flight on delicate wings. They are symbols of hope and renewal, inspiring us to believe in the impossible and to chase our own dreams no matter how far they may seem. Just like a butterfly, our wishes can transform from something small and delicate into something beautiful and powerful, lifting us up and carrying us to new heights. With each gentle flutter of their wings, butterflies remind us that anything is possible and that the world is full of wonder and magic waiting to be discovered. So close your eyes, make a wish upon the wings of a butterfly, and let your dreams take flight. With faith and courage, you too can soar like a butterfly, spreading your own light and beauty wherever you go. Butterfly Wishes are a reminder that we are all capable of greatness, and that the world is full of endless possibilities just waiting to be unlocked.

What Makes Our Tissue Decoupage Papers Unique?

The Tissue Decoupage Papers from Furniture Tattoos- Designs by Whimsykel stand out due to the following distinct characteristics:

  1. Sustainability: The tissue paper is made from 100% recycled materials, making it a responsible and environmentally friendly option.
  2. Eye-Catching Designs:  The use of a four-color digital printing process, complemented by an opaque white ink base, allows our eye-catching designs to come alive.
  3. Limited Edition: Each of our digital designs are exclusive and produced in smaller quantities, ensuring that each design truly becomes a unique work of art in the hands of the artist.

Whether you're a seasoned furniture artist or crafter looking to add a special touch to your projects, our tissue decoupage papers are a perfect choice. Please share your creations with us on


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