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Blue Waterlilies Decoupage Tissue Paper 20 x 30 in

Blue Waterlilies Decoupage Tissue Paper 20 x 30 in

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"Blue Waterlilies" is a serene watercolor-style painting of a pond filled with delicate water lilies. The soft hues of blue and green blend together to create a tranquil atmosphere that is both calming and peaceful. This artwork is perfect for bringing a touch of nature and serenity to any style of furniture.

What Makes Our Tissue Decoupage Papers Unique?

The Tissue Decoupage Papers from Furniture Tattoos- Designs by Whimsykel stand out due to the following distinct characteristics:

  1. Sustainability: The tissue paper is made from 100% recycled materials, making it a responsible and environmentally friendly option.
  2. Eye-Catching Designs:  The use of a four-color digital printing process, complemented by an opaque white ink base, allows our eye-catching designs to come alive.
  3. Limited Quantity: Each of our digital designs are exclusive and produced in smaller quantities, ensuring that each design truly becomes a unique work of art in the hands of the artist.

Whether you're a seasoned furniture artist or crafter looking to add a special touch to your projects, our tissue decoupage papers are a perfect choice. Please share your creations with us on

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