Victorian Vicki

Victorian Vicki Before

Victorian Vicki After

When I purchased this dark vintage diamond in the rough she had a broken cane bottom and the spindles were all turned backwards. Now she shines with beauty in a gray weathered french finish and new upholstered seat. She is now enjoying her forever home.

Fanciful Francie


Fun Francie

Fun and Fanciful Francie was the first piece I worked on after settling back into life in Indiana and on my own after Eric’s passing. I purchased her from a friend who was moving and immediately knew she would be the piece that helped kick start me back into my love for being creative with paint.  Francie holds a special place in my heart and right now I’ll be hanging onto her. She continues to inspire me and reminds me of who I am and to stretch myself to uncover those talents deep within, not to mention having fun in the process! Hope you find her an inspiration too!