Hello! It’s so nice to meet you.

My name is Kelly. I am a “creative”, a lover of God, a businesswoman, and a free spirit who has a passion to paint furniture, create color palettes, enhance interior design, and inspire those around me discover and actively pursue that which “lights” them up and makes them feel alive!

I believe that the world is changed when you live from a place of purposeful passion.

My creative side is best described as a child who literally embraces the process of creativity as it unfolds. No design rules, coloring both inside and outside the lines while finding things to be perfect in their unique imperfection.

My business side is best described as limitless discovery as my clients and I continually evolve and become better versions of ourselves as we pursue our passions together.

My design side is best described as rustic elegance with a touch of whimsy. Although others have described it as “I think you live in a very creative crayon box!” (LOL)

My creative journey began when I was about 3. My grandma Audra used to fan the flame of creativity by letting me paint, sew and create little projects whenever we were together. My mother used to let me help her decorate and create with her detailed supervision, and my father used to show me how to do something and then just let me go do it, experiment, and learn.

I guess my style of learning has always been hands on and experimental. Sometimes things turned out great and sometimes they didn’t. Either way I am definitely not afraid to just try it, but I always make sure my clients are happy, and I always stand behind my work.

By the age of 9, I was creating small stained glass pieces, which eventually grew into custom designed stained glass panels by the age of 14. My love for putting colors together and creating something from merely a thought was quite fulfilling.

My dream to have my own business became a reality at a young age. I studied marketing, and found I also loved the creative aspects of business and entrepreneurship.  In my business journey, I’ve learned that true business success comes by shaping my circumstances in a way that allows me to dictate my financial outcomes and achieve my goals.

My business names have also undergone changes over the years. From Kimball Kraft, to Quiet Reflections, to Artisian Echoes, and finally ending with Whimsykel.  Each change has reflected the journey of finding my passion and calling at that right moment in my life.

From stained glass artistry, faux wall painting, and an upholstery apprenticeship, I finally evolved into interior design spending several years working with designers and clients creating unique high-end furniture pieces.

What originally started as a hobby, grew to expressing my clients vision and has grown to inspiring others to find their passion, become who they are meant to be, to embrace the passion of their journey, to share that passion with others, and to live life with that passion. I find such great joy in helping my clients express their unique vision while creating projects that enhance their lives.

In 2012, with a business that was succeeding, I walked away for love. Choosing between career and love was probably one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, but one I have never regretted.

In 2016, life took a sudden and drastic change as the man I loved and gave up everything to spend my life with, died in my arms from a sudden heart attack.  Suddenly I was faced with a circumstance that felt like a true “smack you in the face” defining moment. This defining moment left me breathless and in a fog for a time.

Since that day I have found myself on a journey of re-invention. It took a little more than a year to get clear about what I wanted to do when I “grew up.” All the while I was learning to ride the waves of grief, instead of allowing them to engulf me.  Through the amazing support of my family and close friends, I am emerging as Whimsykel, a furniture artist and color composer with a desire to help others fulfill their passion, and I do it all with a sense of fun and purpose.

My experiences have taught me that life is a journey and we get to choose what experience we are going to have in each circumstance! Circumstances and obstacles will come and go, but when you remain true to who you are, those circumstances don’t have to box you in and define you. If you are open they can refine you and propel you into transformations more exquisite than your wildest dreams.

In the last few years, I have discovered more about myself then I ever dreamed possible. I am Whimsykel! I am unique. I am passionate and I’m also a “dork” who absolutely loves living in a crayon box! (LOL)

I look forward to inspiring and sharing my crazy adventure with you, and I hope you will join me on this creative and beautiful journey.  I promise you, we will have fun together!

Live Life Fully,