My name is Kelly Huskins, also known as “Whimsykel” and depending on how long you have known me, I’ve even answered to “Kelly Welly Zipper Belly” (my childhood nickname)

I love God, life, my daughter, my family, hanging with friends, being creative, and adventurous.

Whimsykel comes from my creative side which seems to show up in just about everything  I do. It’s just really who I am.  Life is too short to not add a little bit of whimsy to it.

With the sudden passing of my partner in life, Eric Pettay, on Feb. 21, 16, I have found myself on the journey of re-invention. I have no idea what’s in store or what lies around the bend but my adventurous side will definitely be exploring the possibilities and testing the waters of unexplored territory. I’m finding comfort in the crashing waves of both grief and gratitude which to some may seem like an oxymoron.  My life motto since Eric’s passing has become “Live Life Fully in the Moment with Grace & Gumption!” We are here in this moment and time, so be present in it, and fully live it!

​It is with a grateful heart that I share my story.  I look forward to sharing the journey of reinvention with its ups, downs, twists and turns. My hope is that in sharing my journey, you may find some inspiration, comfort and light for your own journey.